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Supply of OILTEK Most modern continuous in Working   Solvent Extraction Plant to process 200 metric tons per day of Canola seed having 38 - 40% oil content, 9% moisture as per the detailed specification enclosed      USD   666,000  


Supply of ‘OILTEK‘ equipments for  Canola OIL REFINING PLANT to processes 100 TPD having up to 1% FFA per day of 24 hours as per the following section and specifications enclosed

 Continues Degumming, Neutralizing & Washing Section    


Continues Bleaching Section.                                                   USD   586,000


Continues Deodorizing  Section.                                            


Supply of equipments for BOILER for steam generation of 8 T at 14 bar pressure. WITH Auxiliaries for boiler like chimney, water softner, steam piping, insulation etc.                                                                                             USD    196,000


Supply of equipments for Thermic fluid heater                      USD      28,000


Materials for structure and staging for Solvent extraction plant and Oil Refinery  plant and boiler.                                                    USD      136,000


Cooling water system for solvent extraction plant comprising of cooling tower, pumps,  piping etc.                                      USD       66,000


Cooling water system for oil refinery plant comprising of cooling tower, pumps, piping etc.                                                     USD          60,000


Materials for Oil storage tanks with piping for 1000 T storage capacity.                                                                                                   USD         116,000


Materials for Hexane storage tanks with piping for 30 KL x 3 nos storage capacity.                                                                     USD           24,000


Electric transformer, distribution board, with internal cabling for 1250 KVA.                                                                                         USD          146,000


Laboratory equipments.                                                        USD            16,000


Materials for heat insulation with cladding and painting.             USD            46,000




                                                                                                   USD      2,086,000






Apart from this, Customer has to arrange:


                    Fire Frightening System and Equipment


      Weighing arrangement for Raw Material, as well as Finished products.


      Silo for seed storage and meal storage with loading and unloading arrangement.




Prices are in U S Dollar and are FOB JNPT / Mumbai ( Bombay ).  Prices do not include any kind of local government levies, duties, surcharge, etc. in your country and whatever applicable will have to be borne by you extra.


Payment : 30% advance with order, by Banker’s Demand Draft through a First-class International Bank, encashable onspot at our Bank, CORPORATION BANK, Chembur, Mumbai-400 071.  For the balance 70% you will open an Irrecoverable Confirmed Letter of Credit through a First-class International bank acceptable to our Bankers, allowing onspot  payments against the proof of shipment and our bill.


The L/c. should allow part shipments as well as progressive payments and should have enough validity for payment as well as negotiations.  Any bank charges in your country have to be borne by you. 


Delivery  8- 10 months from the date of receipt of your firm order, full advance, technical / commercial clarifications, Clean Irrecoverable Confirmed Letter of Credit, whichever is latest subject to force majeure.




The  prices  quoted   for installation  commissioning  and  training  is as  follow.


The prices quoted do not include these. We will however, depute our engineers supervisors and skilled workers. You will arrange free of cost for their free air tickets to and fro both ways, local transport i.e conveyance from place of stay to site and

back , free lodging and boarding, hotel etc. And you have to arrange for their visa / work permit at your own cost. Besides these you will also play their fees as per the rates mentioned below


Engineer                                          :        USD             120 per day 

Supervisor                                       :        USD              90 per day 

Skilled Worker                                 :        USD              30 per day 


You will arrange free of cost all necessary tools, tackles, crane, hoist, consumables, gas, electrodes, utilities, power, water, unskilled labor etc. for the purpose of erection.

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