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Arc Furnace



A.        13 S furnace Data

       Equipment                        Type                                               Make


 1.   Furnace                          13 S DAMF                                    G .E.C.

                                              HV: 33 KV

                                              LV: 485-410-275

                                              Current(HV): 437.4-293.4 A

                                              Current (LV): 29.76-35.20 KA           


2.    Vaccum circuit breake     PVN-36                                            BHEL


3.    L.T.Bustube                     water cooler                                     GEC India

4.    4000 MCM water           W.C.                                                 HANSEFLONE

       cooled cable                                                                             W.Germony.

5.    Furnace Mechanicals       Direct Act                                       GEC India

6.    Hydraulic power pack     Fire resistence Mineral based oil    Vickers India

7.    Tilt Cylinder                   Single acting.                                   Hyprecision


8.  Roof lift Cylinder            Double acting                        Hyprecision



9.  Slew Cylinder          Double acting                               Hyprecision



10.   Pneumatic Cylinder for    Double acting                              Hyprecision

        Bumper and slag door                                                        H ydraulic


11.   Winch gear box               BSU1200                                   Greaves Cotton




12.   D.C.Motor 15 H.P. at       -                                                   Advani-Oerlikon

        1500 RPM and 7.5H.P.

        at750 RPM  

13.   Control Disk                   Indoor                                         GEC India.      

14.    Relay Panels                  Indoor                                         GEC India.

15.   Thyrister Panel                For 15 H.P. Device                      GEC India

16.    Tripping Unit                 20 AH, 30V D.C.                         Standard Battery.

17.     MCC Panel                   Front access Indoor type         

18. ELECTRODE CONTROL PANEL                                          2NOS.

19. Interlocking Panel With Mimic Diagram

20. VCB Control Panel With VCB

21. Temperature Control Panel With Sensor For Furnace Hearth

22. Voltage Stabilizers                                                                   5NOS.

23. PLC-4 Allen Bradley(USA) make

24. Weighing system ASEA make PLC system with cell                  1NOS.

25. Furnace Control Desk                                                               1NOS.

26. Mini Master Melter ASEA make                                                 1NOS.

27. Electrode  Regu-               Advisor                                      Asea,Banglore   

          lation system

28. OXYGEN Lance manipulator               -------------                  B.S.E.    

29. SCRAP Preheater with mcc panel, control panel, lime-heating system

30. Chimney and fume exhaust system

31. 30MT scrap car with load cell,gearbox rail, electric panels each.   2NOS.

32. PLC system for weight with load indicator                                   2NOS.

33. VF panel for 300HP AC DRIVE with motor

34. AC System Voltas Make                                                             2NOS.

35. DC Winch Motors                                                                      3NOS.

36. Furnace Hydraulic System With 3 Motors Of 30KW Each.(Vickers Make)

37. Hot well pump with 55kw motor                                                  1NOS.

38. Cold well submersible pumps                                                      1NOS.

39. Electrical Panels                                                                          3NOS.

40. Water pump with 15HP motor                                                    1 Unit

41. Air lines With Vessels                                                                1 Unit

 NOTE:Any detail information if required, will be furnished on request.





-Water-cooled shell


 External diameter                          3600 mm 

 Internal diameter                          3360 mm

-Water cooled vessel height


    - in the wall area approx.           1300 mm 

    - in the tapping area                  800  mm



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