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Founded in 1982, joint venture involving the Tamil Nadu Industrial Development Corporation (TIDCo).

Location near Hosur in southern India.

The brand ball bearings, tapered roller bearings, cylindrical roller bearings, ball thrust bearings, and has

its own closed-die forging shop and ball production. Its primary product is a deep, broad line of over 125

ball bearing sizes; approximately 50 different tapered roller bearings are in the mix. Bearings can be

produced in sizes from 12mm ID through 900mm OD. 52100 chrome steel balls are produced in metric

and inch sizes, 3/16" through 13/32", grades 10 and 16.


Net Sales 24.70% to Rs 34.84 million for the quarter ended March 2003 from Rs 46.27 million for the

quarter ended March 2002.Total income dipped 22.37% to Rs 37.4 million, from Rs 48.18 million for the

quarter ended March 2002.

Land Details:

Total Land 73 acres

I. Workshop :500X200=100000 Sq.ft

II. Workshop :500X200=100000 Sq.ft

III. Workshop :200X50=10000 Sq.ft

IV. Admin Office: 100X50=5000 Sq.ft

V. Admin Office: 80X50=4000 Sq.ft

VI. Admin Office: 20X50=1000 Sq.ft

VII. Canteen:60X60=3600 Sq.ft

Power Details:

I. E.B.Input Voltage:33/11 kV

II. Capacity:3600 kVa

III. Generator-I

IV. Voltage/Capacity: 11kV/1100 kVa

V. Generator-II

VI. Voltage/Capacity: 440V/1100 kVa

VII. H.T.Control:OCB System

VIII. L.T.Control:ACB System

IX. Transformer HT Capacity:33kV/440V/5000 kVa

X. Transformer LT-1 Capacity:11kV/440V/2000 kVa

XI. Transformer LT-2 Capacity:11kV/440V/2000 kVa

XII. Transformer AEG Capacity:11kV/440V/2000 kVa

XIII. Compressors: 6 No’s

Monday, August 30, 2010 Page 3

MS Developers Private Limited

57/F.3, AVM Colony, 3rd Street,

Krishna Nagar, Virugampakkam,

Chennai - 600 092.

Water Facility:

I. Bore Well:5Nos

II. Water Tank:2 No’s

Employee Details:

I. Departments:17

II. Managers,Executives:7 Persons

III. Dy.Managers, Asst. Managers, Officer, Engineer and Supervisors: 74 Persons

IV. Staff ( Clerical and Inspection):77 Persons

V. Workers: 534 Persons

VI. Total Employees: 692 Persons


I. Ball Bearings

II. Tapper Roller Bearings

III. Constant Velocity Cages

IV. Thrust Bearing

V. All type of Job works

Availed Loans: Rs.38.27 Crores

Statutory Liabilities: Rs.10.62 Crores

Company Status: Sick Industry from 1998 and under lockout from 2006

Machinery Details:

Tool Room Department:

I. Lathe Machine:3 No’s

II. Tool and Cutter:2 No’s

III. Surface Grinding Machine: 3Nos

IV. Milling Machine:2 No’s

V. Opg Machine:1 No

VI. Jig Boring Machine:1 No

VII. Cylindrical Grinding Machine:3 No’s

VIII. Drilling Machine : 3 No’s

IX. Hydraulic Press-160 Tonne : 1No

X. Cutting Machine : 2Nos

Forging Department

I. Hatebur-Heat Forging Machine:1 No

II. Heating Machine: 1 No

III. Rolling Machine:1 No

IV. Sizing Press(Power) : 1 No

Auto Turning Department

I. Protel Machine : 8 No’s

II. Chuckmatic Machine : 6 No’s

III. Multi Spindle Machine: 3 No’s

Press Dept

I. Pressing Machine-160 Tonne-1 No

II. Pressing Machine-60 Tonne-5 No’s

III. Pressing Machine-40 Tonne-3 No’s

IV. Pressing Machine-25 Tonne-3 No’s

V. Pressing Machine-16 Tonne-1 No

VI. Vibrators-3 No’s

Heat Treatment Department:

I. Bell type furnace-Capacity 7.5 for annealing Purpose: 1 No

II. Bell type furnace(Conwire System)-Capacity 7.5 for annealing Purpose:

III. Shanker Hearth Furnace-80 Kgs/Hr: 1 No

IV. Rotary Furnace-For Hardening Purpose:2 No’s

V. Salt bath Furnace-For Hardening Purpose:1 No

VI. HSS Furnace(High Speed)-For Hardening Purpose:1 No

VII. FAC Furnace-For Tempering Purpose: 1 No

VIII. Muffle Furnace For Annealing and Pre-Heating: 1 No

IX. Air Tempering Furnace : 2 No’s

X. Oil Tempering Furnace : 1 No

XI. Hardening Furnace : 2 No’s

XII. Washing Machine : 1 No

XIII. Nitrogen Plant : 1 No

Heat Treatment Laboratory:

I. Vickers Machine : 1 No

II. Rockwell Machine : 1 No

III. Moulding Machine : 1 No

IV. Polishing Machine : 1 No

V. Microscope: 1 No

Grinding Department

Face Grinding:

I. Blanchard : 1 No

II. Brd 60 : 1 no

III. Diskus : 1 No


SASL 125-Centreless Grinder:1 No

II. SASL 140-Centreless Grinder:1 No

III. SASL 200-Centreless Grinder:1 No

External Cylindrical Grinding (Race Way)

I. AGL PC 610: 2 No’s

II. AGL 50 : 3 No’s

III. AGL 125 : 5 No’s

Internal Cylindrical Grinding (Race Way and Bore)

I. SIW 3B : 4 No’s

II. SIW 4B:2 No’s

III. SIW3E:2 No’s

IV. SIW3U:1 No

V. SIW4E:1 No

VI. SIW 3/1 CAC:7 No’s

VII. SIW 4/1 CAC:1 No

VIII. SIW 5/1 CAC:1 No


X. Pocket Grinding Machine: 4 No’s

Super Finishing Machines:

Ball Bearing

I. Bharth Honing Machine: 10 No’s

II. Supfina (IR&OR):2 No’s

III. SZW(IR&OR):2 No’s

Taper Roller Bearing

The Price including factory and land only 75 Crores (US$ 16.528 MILLION) only. Further

Discussion factory visit and price discussion upon LOI and NDA Agreement.

Note : The Current market in Hosur the land itself 1 acre of land is 50 lacs.

Contact :Anand
Phone : 9898368183

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