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Chemical plants 2 Nos.   

TABLET, CAPSULES & LIQUID. in haridwar for sale/partenership
Location: Located at 7th KM stone on National Highway 73, Dehradun Road, (Haridwar) Uttrakhand.

The unit is planned, constructed and established in a manner that it meets all the WHO and Government requirements in long term future. At present unit is running three sections – TABLET, CAPSULES & LIQUID. There is a provision of starting OINTMENT section with just the placement of machines rest all internal connections and fittings are complete. Unit is utilizing only 20 % of its capacity due to financial crisis.

There is a fairly good demand of company products in Indian and International (export) market ubut is not able to complete and supply the orders as per demand due to shortage of funds.

All machines are branded, new, fully automatic and have been bought by the best and certified Manufacturers so that they give more and cost efficient yield in less time. All machinery in the unit is best in the industry. Keeping into mind the sensitivity of them, they are maintained by 25 Separate Earthing units spread all over the unit along with UPSs. 60 % of the machinery are still packed and not being utilized. List is attached in the last.

The problem of water has been completely solved with 2 industrial borings along with a hand pump.

Company has done expenses on liasoning of various government offices like acquisition of land, arrangement of construction and maintenance of the unit, Drug Manufacturing Licence, environmental (pollution) clearance, Industry Office approval, Customs & Excise approval and various other approvals related to export of medicines.

Quality Certificates Expenses :
WHO certification, which is given by Ministry of Health, Central Government to very few and high quality standard medicines manufacturing units & at present is available only with less than 5% Pharma Units in all over India. This certificate is given by WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION. This certificate is mandatory for EXPORTS especially into Western countries.

GMP certificate , which is given by state authority for maintaining high quality standard.

The unit is one of its kind in the whole territory and if established today, will cost approx Rs. 20 Cr.
But the Demand is :
Rs. 12.5 Cr. (7.5 Cr Own and 5.0 Cr Bank Loan). We extend the offer of Total Sale or Financial Partner.


Chemical plant for sale in Karnataka

Our unit located near Belgaum . We are looking for a total Sale Out of the Unit, but if the purchaser wants only the equipments even we are ready to sell.

The Unit has the following facilities :

Land – 5 acres freehold land at Industrial Area,. The Industrial Area has about 150 Units and 60% of them are functional. The major units in the area are Tata Motors, Hindustan Liver, Hindustan Petroleum, Tina Oil etc. The plot is well connected by road transport and the road in front of the plot is 60 feet wide. The plot has a boundary wall upto a height of 1 meter.

Building – The building consists of :

a. Process building, ground floor 2 floors a mezzanine floor. The total constructed area is about 850 sq. mtr.

b. Security room of 15 sq. mtr.

c. Office-cum-canteen of 200 sq. mtr.

d. Store-cum-godown and laboratory area of 335 sq. mtr.

e. Utility building of 475 sq. mtr.

The total built up area is 1875 sq. mtr.

Apart from this, there are 3 MS sheds :

a. Distillation Unit of 50 sq. mtr. with a height of 50 mtrs.

b. Crystallizer shed of 60 sq. mtr with a height of 15 mtr.

c. Mechanical shed of 50 sq. mtr. with a height of 10 mtr.

Plant & Machinery :


Fractional distillation
1. Nitration

Following products have been nitrated in the Unit:

Mono Chloro Benzene nitrated to Nitro Chloro Banzene { Para Nitro Chloro Benzene ( PNCB ) & Ortho Nitro Chloro Benzene (ONCB) } from year 1991 to 2003.

Cumin nitrated into Nitro Cumins ( isomer of Para Nitro Cumin and Ortho Nitro Cumin )2003-2008
Nitration of Ortho Xylene to 4 Nitro Ortho Xylene ( 4 NOX ) and 3 Nitro Ortho Xylene.2005-2008
All the above process are exothermic and under normal pressure. There are 5 Reactors and the reaction is a batch process and the batch sizes are 3100 liters each. The Reactors SS316 L with MS Jackets and has a lantern type agitator assembly. All nitric acid pipelines are PTFE lined pipelines.

2. Crystallization

The crystallization process is used only for Nitro Chloro Benzene ( NCB ) and not for any other products. The crystallizers are static crystallizer type having two bundles. The shell is of SS304 and has an MS Jacket. The capacity of each crystallizer is 20 KL. This again is a batch process. Here, various isomers are separated by the process of difference in the melting point and freezing point.

3. Fractional Distillation

There are 3 distillation columns :

Column No.1 – 950 MM dia and has 6 sections of 6 meter each of Mellapack packing. The total height of the column is about 50 meters.

Column No.2 – 800 MM dia and has 6 sections of 6 meter each of Mellapack packing. The total height of the column is about 50 meters.

Column No.3 – 650 MM dia and has 6 sections of 6 meter each of Mellapack packing. The total height of the column is about 15 meters. All columns are continuous and instrument controlled.

While Column No.1 and 2 separates the isomer from crude NCB / crude NOX / crude Nitro Cumin, Column No.3 removes the finer impurities of ONCB / Ortho Nitro Cumin / 4 NOX.

All the products other than PNCB are sold in liquid form only. PNCB can be flaked and there is a flaking unit of 12 MT per day.

The major utilities used in the various processes and available in the Unit are as follows:

Steam boiler ( agro based ) - 4 tons per hour at a pressure of 10 kgs.

Oil fired 600 Kgs per hour steam boiler 2 Nos ( Thermax make).
Thermic fluid hot oil Unit – 6 lacs KCal, 4 lacs Kcal and 2 Lacs Kcal.
Chilling Plant 50 Tr and 100 Tr
Cooling Tower 400 Tr
Air Compressor and
Air Dryer
History of the Plant

The Unit was commissioned in year 1991 with Distillation Column No.2 & 4 Reactors. The crystallizers were used then where agitators type along with bottom discharge centrifuges. In 1999, there was a revamping-cum-modernization of the plant and after then it suffered from fire accident. During this the crystallizer was put up, and the Distillation Column No.1 & 3 were added.

In 2001, the Column heights of all the Distillation Columns were increased to the present height. Till 2003, the plant produced PNCB and ONCB and in 2004, the Unit was leased out to the Deepak Nitrate and Cumin and Ortho Xylene were produced thereafter. In the year 2009, the promoters decided to exit from the chemical business and there was a serious buyer for whom the entire plant was thoroughly repaired to produce NCB.

We wish to dispose the Unit as is where is basis.

List of equipments along with specification of material of construction is enclosed for your information and perusal.

The company was under BIFR but has come of it in September 2009. The unit / plant and machinery will be handed over free of all encumbrances. Only skeleton workers are kept to maintain and look after the unit. However old experienced workers and staff are available on new terms and conditions, should the buyer be interested.

Mode of transfer:

Transfer can be through a simple sale or through transfer of the company.

For the Unit with Land, Building, structures plant & machinery : Rs.7.5 crores

For the equipments only without the land and building structure, Rs.4.5 crores (ex works)

For transfer of company with the unit, assessed loss of Rs.14 crores and 400sq ft of office in Mumbai Rs. 9 crores.

Taxes, Duties and other government levies will be additional.

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