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Used Machinery

CO2 Plant

List of machinery at plant:

1. Biomass (wood) Gassifire with spares (1no) (one extra suction blower)


3. Absorber tower (FRP lined) (1no)

4. Re-use/ flue gas wash tower ( FRp lined) (1no)

5.KMNO4 tower (1no)

6.Stripper Tower (FRP lined) (1No)

7.ID Fan (one spare) (2 Nos)

8.Burner blower
9. Plate heat exchanger (Alfa LAVAL) (2 No)(with spare gaskets)

10.Compressors (INGERSOLL & RAND ) (2No) (with heat-exchanger for each stage)
(With all spares)

11. Silica gel Driers- Alernate system with heater

12. Freon 22 chilling unit with 6 stainless steel heat exchangers/liquefiers/ Filters (6 nos)
(Sabroe chilling compressor SMC 465 1No) (With all spares)

13.AK make chemical pumps all SS 316 ( 2Nos) (with spares)

14. Weighing scale digital

15. Filling station

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