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30 KL PER DAY MOLECULAR SIEVE BASED ANYHYDROUS ALCHOHOL PLANT (year 2004) MAKE-DISTI-CHEMI METAL WORKS , GUJARAT SL. No. Discription M.O.C. QTY 1 Hydrous Alcohol feed pump with C.I. 1+1 flame proof motor 2 Feed Economizer Plates-SS-316, Frame-M.S. One 3 Vaporizer (shell &tube) SS-304 One 4 Moleculer Sieve Bottle  SS-304 3 Nos dished ends with Packed bed of Moleculer Sieves 5 Regeneration Condenser Plates-SS-316 Frame-M.S. One 6 Regeneration Cooler Epoxy Coated One (Package Chiller Unit) 7 Regeneration Drum SS-304 One 8 Vacuum Ejector SS-304 One 9 Regeneration  pump with flame proof motor SS- 1+1 10 Recovery Column SS-304 One 11 Recovery Column Condenser Plates-SS-316 ,Frame-M.S. One 12 Recovery Column Re-boiler Plates-SS-316 ,Frame-M.S. One 13 Recovery Column Reflux pump C.I. One 14 Anhydrous Alcohol Product Cooler Plates-SS-316 ,Frame-M.S. One

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