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Hacksaw Blades (Hand & Power) MANUFACTURING

MANUFACTURING OF hacksaw blades (Hand & Power)
HISTORY: Reputed Manufacturers of all sizes,
                     Type of hacksaw blades (Hand & Power),
                     LA, MC, & HSS and Planer blades

RANGE: WIDTH - ” to 2”
CAPACITY: 3 Lacs pcs per month 

Complete hacksaw blades manufacturing plant (imported German)
Press: 3nos.   
     1. Automatic cutting Press - German
     2. Semi automatic cutting press- German
     3. 30Tonne – power press.
     Complete with decoiler.

Milling machine: 3 no – GUST. PAFFENOFF German make.
Staggering machine: 3 nos.
Straighting machine: 3 nos.
Stamping machine: 1nos.

1. Electric salt bath furnaces
    1358 degree centigrade with 120 KVA LT transformer.
    375 mm dia x 900mm Depth, STEEL PLANT make
     2.  Electric salt bath furnace
          1000 degree centigrade – 75 KVA LT transformers.
     3.  Two forced air circulation tempering furnace.
     4.  HF – electrically heated Marquenching furnace suitable for 
          HSS Heat Treatment complete with Automatic temperature
          Control panel.
5. END Anealing furnace: - Indigenous.

Rockwell hardness tester.
Profile projector.
Metallurgical Microscope.
Surface plate & various measuring instruments.

Complete set of cutting dies, milling hobs of various teeth, heat treatment basket etc.
One tool cutter grinder complete with pump with motor.
Rapid- vertical spindle
One Rotary surface grinder with magnetic base.

TOTAL APPROX. VALUE – 45 Lacs. –As is where is basis.

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