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  • Location: Bangalore, Karnataka, India  

History of the Company:

  • It is a company of two decades standing.
  • Initially a consultant company in the field of telecommunications
  • Engaged in the manufacture of small capacity EPABX exchange supplied by large numbers to Southern Railways.
  • Provision of VHF communications between guard and driver of train and between driver and control office.
  • Maintenance of VHF links for Chevron oil between shore and offshore sites.
  • Provision of paging and talk back arrangements.
  • System planning of communications links.
  • Servicing and fault rectification for 1 4 UHF equipments for ECIL.
  • Planning of Satellite city communication links, for Chakra Infra structural’s for Bangalore, Mysore corridor schemes. (Asian Dev Bank)
  • The company emerged later on as a full fledged communications tower manufacturer and this is the principal business for the last 15 years.
  • The company has fabricated and installed hundreds of towers all over India.

Tower Fabrications:

  • The company has facility and technical capability for manufacture of various types of towers.
  • Height from 10 meter to 100 meter.
  • Roof top tower and ground based towers.
  • Standard lattice type (four legged tower)
  • Triangular lattice towers.
  • Pipe towers etc.
  • Design for Microwave tower different from cell phone tower.
  • Typical photographs can be seen.

Design of Towers and Drawings:

  • Primary technical requirements of tower are that it is to be designed as a space structure and not as a frame structure.
  • Normal drawings do not give details.
  • Company does elaborately detailed drawings with the help of Anna University and the same details can be seen in the drawing and in shop flower drawings.
  • Tower parts may be around 800 nos, with bolt and nuts of average 3000 nos. for a 40 meter tower.
  • The detailed drawing not only indicates, dimensions length and thickness of all angles and sizes of all plates but also details of every bolt hole, and the bolt details.
  • Shop floor drawing – give full details for fabrication which ensures, correct production.
  • This eliminates any faults in fabrication and enables, easy erection at remote places with no site rectification work.

Quality and Tract Record:

  • The qualities of towers produced are well appreciated by all clients.
  • Inspection of raw materials, inspection of galvanizing, measurement and thickness of galvanizing, proper punched holes, maintenance of tolerance limits ensure perfect coordination in production and erection.

Erection and Painting of Towers:

  • The trained erection staff after checking the material list, erect stage by stage, ensuring correct fitting of bracing angles.
  • Verticality of tower is checked during erection and finally by the accepting authority. Normally erection is done by derrick and winches. Necessary safety precautions are taken during erection.
  • Stringent painting requirements are followed.
  • Painting of etch primer
  • Painting of Zinc Primer
  • Painting of Enamel

Ancillary Works:

  • For aviation warning LED lamps are fitted along with automatic day light switched to ensure that the lamps are switched on whenever there is no sun light.
  • The LED lamps ensure continuous operation for years.
  • Earthing of tower is done as per statutory requirements ensuring that the tower earth has resistance of less than 0.5Ω.

List of satisfied customers:

The company has over the last 15 years have erected satisfactorily hundreds of towers to all governmental agencies and a large number of private operators.

The satisfied customers are as below

Governmental Organization

  • BSNL
  • TCIL

Private Agencies

  • AIRTEL etc.,

Current Production Program

BSNL happens to be the prime client with a large number of towers supplies during the current year. The enclosed list indicates the locations where towers as well as foundation for towers were provided during the current financial year. The photographs of some of the tower manufactured by us are enclosed.

It is pointed out that a company has considerable experience in providing foundations for towers at varying site conditions, and different types of foundations like raft foundation, well foundation and foundation in hard rock making use of hilti bonding and also foundations for roof top towers and all these types of tower foundations were executed during the current year.

One of the important developments during the year is supply of the new type of USO towers with three platforms for three different operators. The towers have recently been completed at a few locations.

Railway Projects:

Apart from BSNL the company also does considerable work for railways.

During the previous year 60 mini shelters and 3 major platform shelters were provided for the railways.

During the last 12 months 42 mini shelters and 9 major platform shelters and one foot over bridge have been completed.

Transmission Line Towers:

The company has completed over hundred and fifty towers of 220 KV transmission line for the Tamil Nadu Electricity Board, and is in the approved list of contractors for supply of transmission line towers.

Reorganization of works by BSNL:-

The company has been listed as specialized agency for tower fabrication by BSNL and this enlistment enables the company to tender at all circles, while other civil contractors who are registered in only in one circle. Apart from this Company is registered as Infrastructure Provider- I with the department of telecommunications, Government of India, which registration give the facility to establish and maintain duct space, fiber optic communication and communication towers.

The core business of the company still continues to be communication towers specially, for BSNL and it is expected that considerable orders would be forthcoming in the coming years.

Apart from tower manufacture, supply and erection, the company during the last year undertook manufacture and supply of over one thousand antenna mounts, to BSNL and also undertook erection of antenna mounts, hoisting and fixing of GSM antenna fixtures and feeder cables in a few cases. This work can also be undertaken along with tower supply and erection.

Most of the new contracts are for towers for BSNL including foundation, supply and erection of communication towers, supply and erection of antenna mounts, earthing and provision of lightning arresters, provision of aviation lamps with associated cabling etc., for these towers. In other words the company can take turnkey jobs for all these works.

Large numbers of certificates have been obtained for satisfactory completion of the work from BSNL, Railways and other private operators.

Tower Business in India:-

As per The Economic times Chennai dt.13.02.2009, the number of towers at present in India is 200000 and it is expected to go up to 350000 tower by 2012.

Although the average number of operators per tower is only 1.3 today, it is expected to go up to 1.8 in the next few years.

In the discussion held with BSNL the next phase of USO Towers are expected as per enclosed annexure.

Certain discussions are also being held with other private operators and the major tenders are expected in two months time.

1) Production Capabilities:- The factory has got the following Machineries:-

a) Shearing and punching machines - 02 Nos.

b) Punching press -01 No.

c) Welding Machines -03 Nos.

d) Drilling Machines -04 Nos.

e) Other smaller machineries like Generator, Grinding Machine, Pipe bending machine etc are available for fabrication.

2) Capacity:-

With the above machines and with the necessary planning, it would be possible to achieve the fabrication of 200 tons per shift per month on two shift basis. Hence it is possible to make 400 tons of fabrications equal to 500 Ground based towers. The proposal also envisages purchase of heavy angles of pre cut size from Raipur for the leg members. This operation will avoid wastages and will enable speeding up of production.

The company has necessary facility to open L.C. for raw materials and making arrangements for obtaining materials from Raipur on the basis of cut sections for higher sizes.

3) The quality of workmen ship and fabrication personnel:-

The company has supplied hundreds of towers to BSNL, Railways, TNEB and private parties and so far none of the towers manufactured have been rejected. It is also pointed out that the fabrication is of such accuracy, that none of our towers required any field corrections.

The strong point of the company has been the high degree of precision in drawing and because of which BSNL them selves adopted many of our drawings as standards. We are also contacted BSNL when there was problems in supplies made by major manufacturer and the company had carried out corrections to the satisfaction of BSNL.

4) Good will:-

Some of the certificates speak of the fabrication quality and it is brought out that the company has very grate acceptability at all levels of BSNL. The detailed drawings for various types of towers and for various wind loads and for various configurations and for various heights are the major assets for the company apart from the good will.

5) Approved Vendor:-

It is also pointed out that the BSNL has specifically approved us as an approved vendor for procurement of tower materials by the field units .

6) Compliance of legal and statutory matter:-

The company has complied all legal and statutory matter as on date in respect of Government, taxes and levies and no legal issue is pending before any authorities.


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