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aJute Mill 

Screw Diameter 75 m.m

L/D Ratio 30:1

Main Motor 60 HP, 1500 rpm D.C

Gear Box Helical Gear Box 18:1

Dic Length 1020 M.M.

Maximum Screw R.P.M. 118 rpm

Production Capacity 160.00 Kg/Hrs P.P.Only

No. of Cheese Winder 160 Pcs.

Model EPHD-200

Manufacturer  Kolsite

1 HP D.C Motor 1500rpm

1 Pcs Gear Box

1 Pcs Steel Roller 44" Length

1 Pcs Rabber Roler 44" Length

5 HP DC Motor

Gear Box with Chain &

Sprocket  Arrangement

3 Pcs Steel Roller Size 320 X

760 mm Hard Crome Plated

with Soft Blasted Surface

1 Pcs Pressure Rubber Roller

of 320 x 760 mm

1 Pcs 2 H.P. A.C Motor , 2800


1 Pcs 2 HP AC Blower Motor

,2800 rpm

Orientation Hot Plate

Dry hot plate with heaters

consists of double side Hot


25 HP DC Motor ,1500 rpm ,

Gear Box with Belt System

Roller Speed 220 to 250 rpm


Godded Roller 6 Pcs sizes 320

x 760 mm(length, hard chrome

plated soft blas ted suface


Pressure rubber roller 2 pcs ,

320 x 760 mm

Extruction Unit 10 HP Blower Motor

Extrudar with 24 Looms


Total Functions are operated by a Panel Board.

Sub Parts of Extrudar

Extruction Unit

2nd Godded Unit Old

Orientation Hot Plate


1st Godded Unit

Take up Unit


Take up Unit

1st Godded Unit


2nd Godded Unit Hooghly Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd

Unit:Hukumchand Jute Mills

Manufacturer J-4 Lohia Starlinger

Production per Loom :  600/650 mtrs/8 hrs

1) Main motor 5 HP (1440 rpm)

2) Winder Motor 0.5 HP (2800 rpm)

28" Width Fabric to weave

Electrical Arrangement

Total Number of Looms = 24

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