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WINE factory FOR SALE 

Ownership: 100% with the promoters and completely operations production & marketing team with sales across 9 states in India & Expanding . Exports markets already catering to more than 7 countries.

Capacity: currently 200,000Lt but in the current infrastructure can expand up to 600,000lt.


Multiple sizes Stainless Steep tank completely automated temperature control and Cold Stabilization Tank. Additional space available in the same tank room for increasing the capacity.

Press & Crushing Machines: Imported from Italy leading manufactures.

Bottling line:

Completely automated bottling line imported from Italy. Counter Pressure line equipped to bottle 2500bph with online cork, screw caps, Champagne filling & Corking and Wirehooder. Its one of the Best line currently in the Wine Industry in India.


Online Italian labeling machine Front & Back with Stamping.

Other Equipments:
Heavy Duty Kirlosker Generator Set to run the complete chilling & Bottling line & other machinery at the winery.
Wine Transfer Pumps from Italy and also Domestic Indian Made.
Tube in Tube For Instant Cooling
Filtration Systems
Hot Water Industrial Set with Pump and Separate Tank.
2 Chilling plant equipped to go up to – 5 degree C.
Heavy Duty Industial Steam Machine.


State of Art Lab with testing materials imported from USA & Europe for test & analysis of Wines.

Wine Tasting Room: Professional Well Equipped wine tasting Room.

Conference Room & Training Room: Well Equipped 25 seating Training room with a huge conference table for wine training courses.

Accommodation: Fully furnished 5 huge Rooms & Kitchen.

A state of Art Winery purpose built to produce premium quality wines with future vision to start wine making school and SPA and Restaurant facilities. The winery is built in a compound of 6 acre and thus making the ambiance one of the most beautiful views of Nashik region. The construnction of winery makes it one of the largest built facilities in Nashik which is around 40,000sq ft built up.
Marketing: We are currently marketing our Brands in our portfolio which are across Pan India and in International market.

Financials : No External Borrowing or Liabilities. Completely funded by the promotors.

Expected Price : 45cr.

2.) Liquor Plant 

Established in 1975, Liquors Co. is one of the fast growing Companies of the State of Andhra Pradesh in India.  Today Co. operates in the fields of Liquor, Chemicals and Aqua Foods. In Liquor Division, Company manufactures Extra Neutral Alcohol (ENA) and IML.  Lovastatin, Simvastatin, Ephedrine and Pseudo Ephedrine are manufactured in Chemical Division and Shrimp Seed in the Aqua Food Division.




The Distillery of Liquor Division is located in Hyderabad at a distance of 7 kms from Secundrabad Railway Station and 11 kms from old Begumpet Air- Port.


The total land area of the Distillery is 2 acres .

The covered area is 4035 sqm/43432 sq feet. The total construction area is 7360sqm/79222 sq feet, comprises of 50590 sft   RCC area and 28632 sft Asbestos roof area.


There are 2 bottling halls for bottling different company’s products; one bottling hall has got positive air system that restricts the atmospheric dust to enter the bottling packaging area.


There is a sufficient Alcohol storage facility to store Alcohol and DM water is SS and MS tanks. There are 43 Nos. of SS Tanks for storing about 7,70,700.00 Bls and 14 Nos. of MS tanks to store 5,13,600.00 Bls of Alcohol. Total 4 SS tanks are marked separately for storing apprx. 60,000.00 ltrs of DMW.


The unit has connected with a 4” Municipal water connection line for industrial supply with a facility to store total 11,00,000.00 Ltrs of water in underground and overhead tanks.


Ion-Exchange has supplied a DM water plant of 10 Kl/hr capacity and total water recycles and filters through sand and carbon filters of about 20,000 Kl/hr capacity.

There is a recycle system through bag and cartridge filters in SS serial filters to reuse the bottling rinsing water for minimizing the water wastages.


The main Electrical connectivity is from state electricity board for 250 kva, with stand by DG sets for 250 Kva 1 No., 125 Kva 1 No. and 75 Kva 1 No. is available to use as per the requirement.


There is very good steam distribution system of Forbes Marshall to 4 tons. Coal Boiler running for re-distillation purpose.


The unit is having total 4 Nos sanctioned finished goods warehouses to stock total 75,000 C/s.


There are some facilities provided for specific products to our MNC associates, like digital over printing through Domino make machines, automatic sticker labeling machines, positive air bottling hall, 3 Nos., Air compressors of 60 cfm. and a chilling plant of Blue star make of 50 TR for Scotch whisky production.


The distillery has got a 35 kl per day license and plant for primary distillation to produce rectified spirit from raw materials like Molasses / broken rice / tapioca etc. for self consumption and sale.

A separate secondary distillation license and plant is there for 16.8 KLPD RS re-distillation to produce Extra Neutral Alcohol for producing IML or sale.

The unit has also produced Malt spirit in past hence they have the copper pot for producing malt spirit, the capacity of the copper pot-still is 5000 ltrs wash per batch of 8 hrs  ie approximately 750 BLS of malt spirit per day.  


Total Licensed capacity for IML bottling is 130000 c/s per month i.e. 1560000 c/s per year or in proof ltrs unit can bottle 1,01,08,800 Pls per year.


The best bottling lines with maximum possible automatic machines are provided for the IML bottling. Present IML Bottling Working Capacity  200000 cases/month. SEAGRAMS Production 150000 cases/month and another 50000 cases/month Tilaknagar Industries & own Brands .


In the first unit with one and two semi-automatic lines the Pernod Ricard India (P) Ltd formerly knows as Seagrams India (P) Ltd even sub-leased for 90000 C/s for month producing 150000 C/s with the same bottling lines duly obtaining extra hour’s permission additional quantity required.


We have one automatic line and two semi automatic lines in the bottling hall. All the Bottling lines are of reputed company and maximum production can be obtained from bottling lines.


The second unit consists two semi-automatic lines. We are producing our own brands with other tie-up license brands with a capacity of 50000 c/s per month. The bottling halls to bottle the products of two companies in the unit is equipped with the total infrastructure in two set ups as per the govt. norms.


The work force comprises of 92 skilled workmen.


There are many changes are in-process for more automatic systems to reduce the produce/control the production cost.


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