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Oil Refinery Batch & Alfa Laval Plant and Machinery

List of 60 M.T. Oil Refinery Batch & Alfa Laval Plant and Machinery
Sr. No Sr.No Section Particulars    
1 1 Neutralisation Batch Neutrilaizers 4 Nos Batch Neut Fabricated on site                                       complete with agitator, motor and heating coil etc.  
  2   Continuous Neutralization Complete 50 TPD Alfa Laval plant. Three                                        SRG 509 Separators, Hydration tank,                                           Vacuum dryer, required PHEs, Mixers,                                                      Pumps and vacuum system  
2 3 Bleaching Batch Bleachers Two Nos Batch Bleacher 16 and 15 MT                                    capacity, with vacuum system, Filter pumps                            chemical dozing tank   
        One Alfa Laval make 24 Sqm PLF including                                     Bag filter, vibrator assembly, Pneumatic                                       bottom valve, slop oil tank and pump etc.  
        One PEG make 24 Sqm PLF with Pneumatic vibrator system and geared drain valve  
3 4 Dewaxing Cont. Chilling and filtration system Consisting one crystallizer 26 MT capacity                                     and two maturetors of 9 MT capacity fitted                                       with required gears, motors, Cooling system    
        Two Nos Sharplex make Horizontal Pressure                                      leaf filters of 30 Sqm each complete with                                  Hydraulic operation system and Pneumatic                                      vibrator for cleaning, cake holding system etc  
        Independent pump set for each HPLF with                             interchangeability  
        Mixing tanks for pre coat and body feed                                          powder with required agitators, pump sets etc  
        Chicago pneumatic make 50 HP Screw                                    compressor with 3 KL air holding tank  
        Rejection tank with pump   
4 5 De-Odoriser Batch Deodorisers Two Nos Batch deod complete with all                                             internals  
        one batch cooler complete with all internals  
      Cont. Deod PEG make Horizontal deodoriser  
        Gujtex make Solid fuel fired Thermic fluid                                      Heater complete with accessories  
5 6 Boiler IBL Boiler Recently installed IBL make multi fual boiler,                           Capacity 3000 kg/Hr, including cyclone and                                        WPH  
      Thermax Boiler Thermax make 3000 kg/ hr capacity boiler                                             with all required pump motors and fan etc.   
        Aerotherm make water pre heater attached                                          with thermax boiler  
      Chimney 105' high 700 mm dia chimney                                                       (recently fabricated on site)  
6 7 Pump house Cooling water system One Mihir make 200 TR capacity bottel type                                      cooling tower  
        Two pumps of 13 HP and 5 HP Kirlosker                                             make  
      Vaccume system  Three pumps of 12.5 HP, 20 HP and 20 HP                                             pumps  
7 8 Electricals   Motors, Pannels, Cabels and other related to Refinery  
7 9 Oil storage tanks Raw oil tanks 6 Nos storage tanks of various capacity, total                                         capacity 1500 KL  
        9 Nos Storage tanks for refined oil handling                                                 total capacity 600 KL  
        One Under Ground tank for tanker unloading                                           with system to unload 6 tankers                                                        simultaneously  

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