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Pig Iron Plant


CAPACITY: The Plant has Capacity of about 65m3 and can produce 40,000 MT of pig Iron p.a.

2.) LOCATION: The plant is located at the best site. In Jamshedpur, in the state of Jharkhand. It is About 15Km away from TISCO Plant. It is on the main Road connecting Jamshedpur to Ranchi Via Industrial area of Adityapur in Jamshedpur. The plant is on the main road and there is no problem of movements of goods from Ranchi or From Jamshedpur through highways.

3.) RAILWAY SIDING: The nearest railhead is Jamshedpur 15Km away and another is Chandil again about 15 Km away. Presently iron ore and Coke is brought upto Chandil Siding and then then from there by trucks. Raw Material can be brought to these two siding from any where in India and PIG IRON can be transported these two rail sidings.

4.) There are numbers of other plants operating with in nearby such as Adhunik and Nilachal Ispat. .Hence skilled manpower is abundantly available.

5.) LAND: The Plant is possession of about 29 Acres land and if required land or another 100 acres can be acquire easily without any rehabilation problem. Thus the capacity of the plant can easily be enhanced to 1.0 Million MT. p.a.

6.) WATER: . The plant is situated Near Suvernrekha river, all weather river, TISCO plant draws its complete water from this river only. This plant is just 0.5 K.m. away from the river. Application has been made to draw water from this river and in fact land between plant and river is available and there is no village . Nearby Plants are taking water from this river. In fact there is NALA next to plant na presently water is drawn from this nala. If plant size to be expanded and power plant is required to be setup then one can set up easily be enhanced to 1.0 Million MT p.a.

7 IRON ORE MINE: . Application for ten Iron ore mines have been filled with the mines Dept. of Jharkahnd state . Mines are presently possible in only his state in india. Hearing have been taken place for 5 mines. Discussion are on the state government at an advanced state allotment of these mines. These mines have reserve of iron ore ranging from 5.0 million MT to 1.0 million MT p.a.

8.) LIME STONE MINE.: Application have been already filled for 1 lime stone Mine.There is high possibility of getting this mine. available close to plant site.

9.) POWER: . There is dedicated power line 11 Kv from the state grid constructed to draw power from SEB. Coal is easily available with in 50Km area and water is easily available one can setup power plant to avoid dependence on grid.

10.) EXPANSION OPPORTUNITY:. The plant location and connection to railway sding s, availability of water and land, proximity to jamshedpur city, availability of skilled man power make the plant as an ideal position to expland to 1.0 Million Mt p.a. without much problem.

Competition / Market: Due to high demand of steel in India and across the World their is no question of any competition.

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