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Solvent extraction plant 2


Proposal for outright sale of the Company

(300 TPD Solvent Plant + 50 TPD Refinery)



(1)   This is a limited unlisted company having its manufacturing plant at about 150 km south of Nagpur. The plant is in operation since 2006 and is in sound working condition at present. The plant is running at present.


(2)   The parent company is considering disinvesting its stake in this company for strategic reason to consolidate its asset base at another location. The main consideration behind this disinvestment is to consolidate the business at one location for convenience of management.


(3)   Highly efficient Solvent plant having industry low cost of production. Crushing capacity of 300 TPD. Preparatory section equipped with pellet machines for processing of rice bran. Oilseeds processed so far - Soya, sunflower, rice bran.


(4)   Alfa Laval continuous refinery capable of chemical as well as physical refining. Capacity 50 MT per day for soya/rice bran/sunflower etc. Equipped with dewaxing section required for refining of Rice Bran and Sunflower oils.


(5)   Oil Tank capacity of 800 MT.


(6)   Godowns for DOC + Seed - total 8000 MT (+open storage 6000 MT).


(7)   Land is about 11 acres and total built up area is 65,000 sqft. Out of this, godown area is 45,000 sq ft.


(8)   Boiler 6 TPH (fuel rice husk), ETP, Acid Oil Plant, laboratory, retails oil packing section in place.


(9)   Sales Tax Incentive of Rs. 2.15 Crores is available for the purchaser of the company.


(10)           Accumulated unabsorbed depreciation/business losses of Rs. 15 crores will result into immediate income tax saving for the purchaser.


(11)           No load shedding. Continuous availability of power due to Express Grid Connection. Assured water supply from MIDC.


(12)           Rake loading facility is available at a distance of just 4 km from the plant. We have been exporting almost 90% of DOC from this rake loading point. This results into very low freight cost from the factory to Vizag, Kakinada & other ports.


(13)           Being in the heart of rice belt, rice husk is easily available at economical price for use as boiler fuel.


(14)           Being in the heart of rice belt, there is an opportunity of processing rice bran throughout the year. The location is also good for processing of soybean seeds because there is good quantity of soybean available locally with no other local competitor.


(15)           Very good location for selling of refined oils as there is no other refinery nearby. Good demand for refined oils like soya, sunflower and rice bran in loose as well as in retail packs.


(16)           Good team of operators for solvent plant, refinery, boiler etc. and also having professional management. The plant as well we refinery are in operation at present.


BRIEF PROFILE OF PROPERTIES OF Solvent extraction plant



It is situated at the main NH road in between bargarh and bolangir town.. About more than 100 rice mills are running within the radius of 50km of the plant. It comprises of !0.5 acres of land, well bounded by RCC bricks wall from all sides. Civil construction is more than 80,000 sqft consisting of go downs, plant building, office, store, guest house, lab, labour quarters, staff and managerial quarters.


The details of plant and machinery are broadly as follows :


1)  Solvent extraction plant. (Dismet make-150TPD.Rice bran based)

Preparatory section:

Conveyors, screener, elevator, paletisers and pallet cooler, with all accessories, electrical motors.

Pallet cooler size:9mx1.3mx1.25m

 Paletizer size:600mm and 850mm OD

 Total motors-400HP

 Conveyor size:45m


Extraction plant:


                    D.T:7mx2.5m-7 compartment made of IBR plates.



                    stripping column

                    Recupression unit and all other pipe fittings, valves etc.

                    Auxillries:3nos of hexene storage tank, pump house, oil storage tanks(400 tons capacity), weighing bridge, generators etc


2) Refinery plant:


25TPD dismet make rice bran based refinery with alpha separators, continuous bleachers and de-odourisers with crystallisers and dewaxing plant, 2 nos of water coolers.

Total motors-240HP


3) D.M plant and Boiler

6Tons 32KG pressure IBL make boiler with all accessories and DM plant, sparsely used.


4) Turbine with alternators and all accessories like PDRS, electrical panels etc.

IB turbo make, newly installed, sparsely used.350KW capacity.


5) Auxiliary items

Way bridge, 200KVA generator, Furnished lab, storage tanks, lathe machine, packing section etc.


The expected price is Rupees 700 lakhs.


Complete 400 Tpd Solvent extraction plant for sale

Location : Madhya Pradesh Indore

Location of land Land is located on Barwah -Maheshwar main link road.Road is parellel runing with holy river NARMADA. This belt is now well conected with cannals & big ponds.Soyabean is major crop of this district.This area is also declared as agriculture climatic zone (ACZ). Madhya pradesh is also centre of soyabean crop of INDIA. Road distance from Indore to plant is approx. 55KM..Land is three side open to roads. Having very good water,power & rail road transportion facility.Flight facilites also avialable from INDORE to 15 major cities.

Area of land Area of plot is servey no.148, 3.315 hector & 147, 2.679 hector.( approx. 15 acre ). 

Building Position of building,sheds,godown,under ground water storage tanks,water well,four borewells and boundry wall is in exellent condition. Quality of construction is superior. Office building , store building and approx. 100 labour quaters are also in very good condition.

PLANT & MACHINERY Solvent extraction plant Complete 400 Tpd solvent extraction plant ( Troika processors,Mumbai) is complete soyabean based. Consist of distillation section,condensors,economiser,heaters, extracter, various conveyers,misc.machinery, etc.

Preperatory section Consist of flakers, cookers,crackers,expanders with dry cooler, conveyers,elevaters,filter press,elecrical equipments,misc. machinery,etc.

Refinery Complete 50 Tpd refinery (alfa laval) is continues type (chemical). Consist of D.O.,S.S.continues bleachers, pressure leaf filters,seprators alfa laval SRG-509, various tanks & vessels, pumps,motors,pipe lines,misc.machinery,etc.

Boiler house Boiler regn. no. MP3511 capacity approx. 8 TON.THERMAX. Consist of steam drum,water drum,electric panel,instument panel,misc equipments,etc.

Power house 33 kv /440 Transformer yard.Consist of two 500 kva transformers CROMPTON,LT main distribution board,misc.accessories,etc.

D.G.Room Four 125 kva D.G.sets fitted with Kirlosker & cummins equipments.

Workshop Consist of Lathe machines,shappers,drill machines,welding set,etc.

Stores Consist of spares,consumables,tools,hardware,misc. machinery parts,etc..

Storage & Silo tanks 15 M.S.oil storage tanks cap. 70 ton each. 4 silo tanks cap. 100 ton each. Hexane underground tank. 

Other machinery & equipments Oil filling & packing plant. Soap plant Pump house Laboratory 20 M.T. OIL weighing bridge 30 M.T. Truck weighing bridge Misc.electric cables,equipments & panel boards. Misc. pumps,motors & pipelines. Office equipments,furniture & fixtures.

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