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5 MW ALLEN make STG Set 

TECHNICAL DATA  - 5 MW WH Allen make STG Set


ONE NO. –  5 MW, WH ALLEN SONS & CO. Ltd.(ENGLAND) make Exhaust Pressure Type Turbo Generator Set, as per technical specifications given below :


Technical Details Of Turbine :


Manufacturer:                                       W. H. Allen Sons & Company Limited, Bedford,


Year:                                                   1967

Maximum Continuous Rating:           5,000 kW

Normal running speed:                       10,250 rpm

Trip speed:                                          11,275 rpm

Inlet pressure (at stop valve):             Normal 625 psiG (44 barG)  

Inlet temperature (at stop valve):       780 Deg. F (415 Deg. C)

Maximum inlet temperature:              850 Deg. F (454 Deg. C)

Exhaust pressure:                               Normal 30 psiG (2 barG) /

Minimum 15 psiG (1 barG) /

Maximum 45 psiG  (3.08 barA)

Steam Consumption:                             42,184.52 kg/hr at 5000 kW Load

                                                            ~ 8.44 kg / kWH


Technical Details Of Gearbox :


Manufacturer:                                     W. H. Allen Sons & Company Limited, England

Year :                                                   1967 

Maximum Continuous Rating:           5,000 kW

Input Speed:                                        10,250 RPM

Output Speed:                                     1,500 RPM


Technical Details Of Generator :


 Manufacturer:                                     Lancashire Dynamo & Crypto Ltd., England.

 Type:                                                   Brushless

Enclosure:                                           C. A.C.W.

Standard:                                             B.S. 2613/1957 Class B

Year:                                                   1967

Maximum Continuous Rating:           6,250 kVA (5,000 kW @ 0.8 power factor)

Voltage:                                              3,300 V

Frequency:                                          50 Hz

Number of Phases:                             3

Speed:                                                 1,500 RPM





One (1) used single cylinder, impulse, back-pressure, multi-stage steam turbine.

One (1) welded steel baseplate.

One (1) steam strainer.

One (1) mechanical dial tachometer.

One (1) lot of thermometer pockets.

One (1) exhaust casing warning relief valve.

One (1) hand operated barring gear.

One (1) self contained lubricating oil system, including;

  One (1) reservoir (within gear casing).

  One (1) main oil pump (driven off the gear shaft).

  One (1) steam turbine driven auxiliary oil pump.

  One (1) suction strainer.

  Two (2) oil coolers.

  Two (2) oil filters.

  One (1) mechanically driven governor relay oil pump.

  One (1) lot governor relay oil and lubricating oil relief valves.

  One (1) equilibrium valve.

One (1) leverless oil-relay operated speed governing system, incorporating multiple steam inlet control valves, for sequential operation, supplying separate nozzle groups.

One (1) emergency governor system.

One (1) emergency stop valve.

One (1) solenoid operated trip system (on event of electrical failure).

One (1) lot drains to baseplate.

One (1) gland steam condenser system.

One (1) instrument cubicle.

One(1) electrical shaft axial position indicating system.

One (1) blade washing system (for on line cleaning of the turbine rotor).

One (1) hot air drying system (to maintain a dry turbine casing when the unit is idle).

One (1) parallel shaft, single reduction, double helical, high speed gearbox.

One (1) used, brushless, totally enclosed, water cooled, salient pole, alternator.

One (1) A.C. exciter, mounted directly onto the alternator shaft.

One (1) set of water cooled air coolers.

One (1) high speed shaft coupling.

One (1) low speed shaft coupling.

One (1) generator bed plate.

One (1) static type, automatic voltage regulator.

Lot (1) interconnecting piping, valves, supports, hangers, and the like.

One (1) lot of all available documentation held by the current owner.

One (1) lot of spare parts and special tools, strictly as available
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